Chat account getting banned

So, basically i’m trying to do a chat bot that sends information (such as text/links to social networks, etc.) to multiple channels. For testing i use ~80 channels to run the bot with, and everything works well, it can run for hours till i stop it, most of the times. BUT!

I’m facing an issue, that always bans the chat account at 25. or 50. message.
Once it tries to send the 25. or 50. message, it gives unsuccessful join and the account won’t join to any channel again.
But it only happens for some hours, when i try it again another day with another everything works correctly. Or if the issue is there, it just instantly bans at one of these numbers again. Even if the account is fresh and never used.

Can anyone tell me what could be the issue? I already tried to increase the time between messages to 30 sec, didn’t solved it.

As i’m still in the testing stage i’m just running it with random people’s channels who approved it for testing.

If you send more than 20 messages in a 30 second period you will receive an 2 hour IP ban from chat. Mods have an increased limit of 100 messages in 30 seconds but only when they are only communicating in channels where they have mod status.

Yes, i know that. Even if i send 10 messages in 1 minute it still gets banned when it’s at the 25. or 50. message, that’s my issue.

That is the only way you can get “banned”. There is a limit of 50 auths/JOINs per 15 seconds. If you go over that you will be disconnected from the server but can still reconnect and continue on immediately afterwards.

Edit: Also keep in mind any PRIVMSG is counted toward the limit including commands such as /timeout and /ban.

Well, usually it doesn’t do that, but when it does i can even set the wait time between joins to 10 min, it won’t help.
It only sends normal text messages to the main chat of the channel.

Also, i just found out if i only send text messages without links, it doesn’t cause any issue. Is there any limit for sending links?

Can you clarify what you mean by banned? Timed out or banned from a channel, or IP banned for 8 hours?

If the former perhaps you are being timed out by another chat bot, like Nightbot.

I don’t know to be honest, something like between of the two. The account doesn’t join to any channel after it, unless i wait a bit and grab a new OAuth. But if i quickly create a new one, it works. Sometimes only for the first 25. or 50. messages, sometimes for hours till i stop it.

Are you advertising in channels you own/are affiliated with, or are you just spamming random channels?

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