Chat announcements not converting mentions (@<user>) to link

Hi All,

Making sure I’m not doing something wrong here, but is it by design that we’re not able to tag/mention users in announcements (/announce) ? One would think that should work just like chat, but when I try to mention someone in an announcement the name just gets converted to plain text without any hover/link functionality to allow people to view their channel.

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you!


Neither of these are clickable in vanilla chat, but do draw a “metion” box

Shoulds like you refer to a browser plugin functionality and not vanilla/first party functionality? (BTTV/FFZ/7tv for example)

Hey Barry! Yeah - I just realized my thinking here was flawed. For some reason I was very certain that vanilla chat changed mentions to hyperlinks to allow people to follow, but I was totally wrong lol. I’ll close my ticket :wink:

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