Chat bot banned from being "underage"

Hello there!

I’m Megabro5000 and the developer of Limebot221. Limebot221 is a live-dictation bot that listens to a stream and will repeat what it hears back in the chat. I’ve built several filters for it so it won’t say any offensive terms but on Saturday 11/20 it heard a streamer say “I’m 12 years old” so Limebot221 then repeated it back in the chat and a few minutes later was permanently banned for being “underage”.

I’ve gone through the normal twitch support channels and have tried to explain the situation but I keep getting generic responses denying it.

Limebot221 is only in one chat at a time (by design) and isn’t hitting any rate-limits so I’m not sure if I can get it official “bot” status or not. Does anyone know what I should do in this situation?

Thank you guys for any help you can provide, I’ve put a great deal of effort into my bot and was crushed to see it permabanned for this.

You cannot handle a TOS violation for another streamer.

There is nothing you can do to help this streamer. As the streamer appears to have broken the rules of Twitch.

It’s not your problem TOS/banning to fix, and this forum cannot help you with that.

But you can go and add additional filters/rules and so on to your bot to prevent it happening again to other streamers.

This won’t help with what has occured.

Edit: I misread I thought the STREAMER got banned. (or it’s unclear from your message, whom got banned)

It was your bot that got banned. You’ll just have to wati for Twitch to get back to your via the support channels. And being a “tagged bot” won’t help your account get banned if it’s deemed to be breaking the rules/TOS

Additionally the streamer themself shouldn’t be declaring they are underage since they themsleves could get banned

Hi, Barry! Appreciate the response. The streamer isn’t banned; my bot is. The streamer said “I’m 12” as a joke but my bot actually said then words “I’m 12” in the chat and was then permabanned. The streamer in question has not been banned and has apologized to me for the situation but I’m not sure where to go from here.

You’ll have to wait for Twitch to get back to you. This forum can’t help you with this matter.

And being a bot won’t stop you getting wacked in this manner.

The streamer is lucky they didn’t get banned…

also this sounds like a job for the OBS Live Captions Plugin

As then the captions are recorded to the VOD

I see. I’ll have to create a new case with Twitch then. Thank you for the help, Barry.

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