Chat Bot Being Shadow Banned

Hey all,

I have written a little chat bot which has been working fine for the past few months. Last week it all of a sudden stopped being able to send messages to my chat although in the bots logs it seemed like they were working fine. I made sure it was nothing to do with my bot by changing the user account that the bot was using and it starting working again, then a few hours later it stopped working again.

I am very confident my bots are getting shadow banned. I have made the accounts mod in my stream and I reply to all ping messages sent to the bot. They are not spamming chat with the same message over and over again and I have limited whispers (even turned them all off now) What could be causing this?

Has anything changed in the past two weeks to increase the amount of shadow bans?

You didn’t hit the rate limit and get banned did you? You have code in place to throttle how many messages you do send out? Also, keep in mind that creating another bot account and firing it up, presumably from the same IP, might trigger something too if you were in fact shadow banned.

No I didn’t hit any message limits, it is throttled to stop that happening.

My second account was working fine to start with (for the first day) so don’t think it has anything to do with my IP, my main Twitch account is still working fine although my bot is running out of my Ras Pi and a VM when developing but all behind the same external IP.

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