Chat bot cannot receive or send messages

Hello I’ve just created my own chat bot to keep a log of certain users chats for a research project. I can connect and send messages to my own channel but when I try to get messages from another channel I can’t receive them. I can’t even send a message to any other channel but my own. It was working yesterday so I’m confused why today it stopped working and my bot isn’t globally banned because if I log into my bots account I can manually type in other people’s channels.
My bot can connect to the irc channel and joins the channel but isn’t receiving or sending messages. Here’s a sample output: 001 satokaheni :Welcome, GLHF! 002 satokaheni :Your host is 003 satokaheni :This server is rather new 004 satokaheni :- 375 satokaheni :- 372 satokaheni :You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. 376 satokaheni :>
:satokaheni! JOIN #incontroltv 353 satokaheni = #incontroltv :satokaheni 366 satokaheni #incontroltv :End of /NAMES list
Sent: PRIVMSG #incontroltv :Hello Chat
Join: Success

And I receive no messages after that. If I look at the viewer list my bot is in the viewer list it’s just not receiving and the hello chat I send doesn’t show up in the users chat.

Thanks for any help.

Make sure you are using “” as your server instead of “”.

Thank you so much. I just started learning about twitch api and chat bots a few days ago so I was not aware of that change. The link was also very helpful. It works perfectly now.

Again thank you so much.

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