Chat bot messages not showing unless modded

My chat bot account is no longer able to send messages in channels that it is not modded in. The messages appear to send on the bots side but are not visible in chat to other users. There’s nothing in the logs that would suggest the messages are not sending.

Seems like a similar issue to Bot banned from posting unless it's a mod - #8 by BarryCarlyon, where the account has been shadow banned. The account has a verified email and 2FA and is only used as a translation bot on a couple of channels.

Any help would be great!

The bot account name is brads_bot

Sounds like you are exceeding the chat rate limit and thus running into issues

But this is a permanent issue, even if the bot has not sent a message for days prior. Wouldn’t the limits have reset by then?

Assuming it’s working normally (the bot)

sure, since you said it’s in use on a few channels, I assumed it’s always sending (not with days between)

If you are not consumgings IRCv3 TAGS and COMMANDS caps enable those and read the responses backs.

Sounds like a number of possbilities or it’s not meeting the verification requirements of the channels it’s trying and failing to send to.

That could be email, phone, or plain old not following the channel.

I’m using TMI.js for the bot and I’m not sure how to enable caps.

The same issue is seen however when just logging on to the bot account in a browser and attempting to send a message in chat. No errors show and the message looks like its sent, its just not visible for anyone else.

Could be that your hitting some of Twitch’s anti-spam measures. Generally if your bot isn’t invited to a channel and made a moderator you shouldn’t be sending messages to it in the first place.

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