Chat comments are not appearing! (Help!)

Has anyone else come across this issue? For some reason, not all of the chat pops up for me. I’m not even sure how many comments I’ve missed due to this, but lately I’ve been able to catch it if there are streams that have chat replay on their stream. Example I’ve not ignored any users, and this has been happening for a while now. When I’m modding a stream, people are saying they’ve been asking me questions or talking to them, and that I’m ignoring them, but I can’t see the messages! So unless someone happens to have chat on their stream video…I miss a lot. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or something that anyone is aware of. But if anyone has a fix for this, I’d appreciate it a lot! :smile:

Twitch Chat servers have changed from to something else.

You can determine the new server by going to:

and using the server listed there. So far, I haven’t seen anything other than used.

Is there any way to move back to the old servers?

No. If you face issues with the new servers, please let it be known so the issues can be fixed.

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