Chat embed theme? (Dark/light mode)

Is there any way to set the theme of a chat embed?

Now that Twitch has released dark mode, it looks very strange with a dark-mode chat embed on a light page, and vice versa.


Yes, via the following links:





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official api states you should use embed endpoint Embedding Twitch | Twitch Developers

Twitch Error

but then you get they new purple ugly version what only looks good if your site is black purple themed

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Twitch branded version


Yeah, not the best wording, I call it that way since you can’t make it look good unless your site looks like Twitch.

We really need a more neutral dark skin for embedding.

The problem here is that this uses whatever you’re using on the Twitch site.
So if you have darkmode enabled on Twitch, this embed will also be in darkmode.

I can definitely agree on that!

I also tried using this:

Twitch Error

But sadly it’s a very poor embed.
You get an awful confirmation alert to even send a message, and if you click away on that the chat simply stops sending your messages, without any indication.

I’ve gotten complains about this on Twitter when I was using this embed, and the users had no idea what was wrong. They didn’t even know or remember they had clicked the confirmation alert.

The chat menu is also disabled for some reason.

Not sure what the reasoning behind these decisions are…
If express permission is required, then just allow us to provide an API auth token with the chat scope.

this is something I could get behind

This apparently comes from the “embed” used in the url.

There seems to be no short-term solution at the moment :confused:

Are there any libraries out there that can be used to easily make your own web chat client?
I know there’s TMI.js, but it seems more geared towards Nodejs, with extra bloat. Or am I wrong about that?

Would there be any interest on here in contributing to an open sourced chat client?
That’d be fully customizable, while keeping the chat features Twitch offers.

You’d lose the built-in support for BTTV+FFZ, but if enough people contribute the embed could support that too.

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tmi.js works just fine in browser, but at the same time the hardest part in the whole thing is parsing IRC, which isn’t that hard. What tmi.js does make easier is distinguishing between different types of messages from chat (sub notices etc.), but it’s not been updated in a while so I don’t think it handles sub gifting for example.

The idea of an open-source chat project is not bad.
A lot of site and structure includes the chat in addition to the player and having the possibility of customizing it and perhaps including additional features to be very interesting for them.

But it will be necessary for Twitch to provide the rules of conduct for the creation of a project of this kind.

No need, since anyone can use the Twitch chat websocket implementation.

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