Chat Follower Notification

I am using mIRC at this moment trying to see if there is a way that my bot can shoutout and thank new followers for following the second they do, I have tried everything and I am just so lost. I just want to use this Follower code for a while before the channel gets partnered to show that we care about all the followers. Does anyone have a mock up code I could use, or the time to help me?

Much appreciated

As far as I’m aware, the only way to detect new followers is through the API. (Documentation). Making a call to the API through mIRC is either impossible or above my skill level, sorry about that. You might want to consider @night’s follower alert (found here), although that would be in the stream and not in the chat. Good luck!

I think you can download/read from the api from mIRC, and I’m pretty sure there’s a JSON parsing script out there. It will require a bit of research and fiddling though.

You can indeed connect in mIRC to the API, I suggest reading this tutorial and then search the Documentation for references to the URL(s).
The one thing I haven’t figured out, is how to make it show when 1 follower is added. I can’t seem to figure that out. Unfortunately. this is as close as i got, sometimes it works but just play with it and see ( script for Mirc Follow Alert )