Chat Highlight in PRIVMSG Tags

This is more of a suggestion than a question, though I suppose there could be a question too. I also posted this on UserVoice: Chat Highlight Settings in PRIVMSG Tags – Twitch UserVoice

Is it technically possible to expose Twitch chat highlight settings in IRC Tags? Referring to these ones specifically: Customer Support

The ones that would be beneficial, for instance, would be:

  1. First time chatter
  2. Returning chatter
  3. Raider

I can think of a number of ways to create some unique chat interaction, or overlays in StreamElements, that can take advantage of these tags. For example, when a First time chatter says something in chat, an animation would trigger in a StreamElements widget. There could be other ways for StreamLabs or Elements to create interactions specifically for these tags too. I’m not sure how feasible it would be to only expose these tags in IRC if the user connected to IRC has the “moderator” badge, or “mod=1” tag.

Alternatively, considering that these settings are only visible for Creators and their Mods, perhaps it’s not a good idea to fully expose it in IRC. PubSub may be a place for it, where only Highlighted messages (not every chat message) could be a Topic, which can also be limited to specific scopes.

The intent would be, regardless of what highlights a Creator or Mod has enabled (example, Raider set to 5 minutes, these tags would be exposed permanently (so the Raider “tag” would be visible for as long as that user is connected to the chat, until the user leaves or the stream ends) to a bot or application in order to trigger the interaction.

First/returning are already in the chat tags

first time chat - use the tag first-msg
returning chatter - use the tag returning-chatter

Raid isn’t in chat, since each moderator can choose how long raiders are visible for to that moderator so not sure we’d see that in chat itself. And thats a per moderator setting.


Oh, that’s good to know. I didn’t see that documented, so wasn’t sure. Edit: I see some of the examples in Twitch IRC Tags | Twitch Developers does show it.

Fair enough, for raiders. I was thinking the tag could simply ignore the duration altogether (taking away the complexity of figuring out how long to show the tag), but understood. First chatter/returning chatter is enough for now.

Thank you for the response!

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