Chat - HTML5/other embedding options?

Hey all, I’m working on a twitch client for BB10 and I’m trying to figure out how I can embed chat into the app. The typical flash player is not an option for this exact application, and it looks as though there is no html5 version?

My question is: Is there an html5 version on the way? If so, what does the time frame for it’s release look like?

Unless there’s another way to embed the player, it looks like I’ll have to do some serious work and develop an IRC client for my app.

Currently chat uses a Flash object to handle the socket connection to the chat server. Websockets might happen in the future but there isn’t a definitive when or even if that will happen.

Thanks for the response.

Ended up connecting through IRC. Was not nearly as challenging as I thought it would be in my situation.

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