Chat on EventSub: Is there a way to identify hype train conductor?

I’m doing the following to identify chatters to give them access to special commands with a bot:

      isMod: data.badges.some((badge) => badge.set_id === 'moderator'),
      isSub: data.badges.some((badge) => badge.set_id === 'subscriber'),
      isVip: data.badges.some((badge) => badge.set_id === 'vip'),
      isHypeTrainConductor: data.badges.some(
        (badge) => badge.set_id === 'hype-train'

I haven’t been able to capture the most recent hype train conductor’s message, but it did not match the badge.set_id of hype-train. I can’t find any documentation on how to identify a current hype train conductor. I did find a list of all badges and their set id’s, but it wasn’t clear what hype-train was.

The current hype train conductor has the a badge from the set hype-train with version 1 as per get Global Chat Badges API.

Since it’s a per channel badge someone might instantly turn it off when the train completes.

However on a channel.hype_train.end the top_contributions item should describe the top people and you can work out the conductor