Chat repeatedly disconnects while streaming

I have been having issues staying connected to twich’s chat servers using EVERY program, I have tried Chatty, Streamlabs OBS, Firefox, and Opera but NONE of them stays connected for long. As you can imagine this is not helpful to someone who wants to stream.

I have been told about rate limiting, however this seems irrelevant to me as I doubt setting up a stream involves sending that many commands so quickly, nevertheless I have tried changing my password to no avail.

The reason I’m posting this here is in the hopes I can actually get some assistance with this issue rather than the form-like premade suggestions or being told “Hey we can’t tell you why other streamers ban you”

That would suggest the problem lies with your ISP or network connection. Not with Twitch.

You are either saturating your connection or your ISP is disconnecting you
Or you have something else going on.

It’s likely not a Twitch issue

I haven’t noticed any issues with any other types of connections, and I’m not sure how I could be saturating my connection, the only other things I typically have running is discord and maybe steam.

How can I fix this?

No idea.

Best bet is to contact your ISP, they might need to investigate further

On the subject of rate limits, when you get DC’ed you won’t be able to connect again for 30 minutes. So it’s not likely to be that at all

Okay, not sure what they will say as this seems to be the only thing I have been having problems with…

Might be as simple as your ISP don’t allow you to stream as part of the service contract and it’s manifesting as chat disconnections whilst streaming.

I highly doubt that unless they’ve changed their terms of service, I used to stream a lot more than I have been recently… Though this chat thing has killed it for me in the past couple years…

Honestly I’m expecting this to be a problem with a typical modem/router setting, as common as this problem seems to be for other people as well.

Yeah I just finished talking to an ISP rep and according to them everything is good on their end.

Hi! Unsure I’m allowed to post yet but…
Twitch itself has been having issues loading chat and profiles lately, occasionally @TwitchSupport will tweet out, they had tweets relating to it on the 7th and the 11th, however in my own experience the problem has been more frequent than just those 2 times.
You can check if your ISP is the problem by simple running a speedtest, there’s a great test site by Ookla just a google search away.
I’ve been seeing streamers literally stop streaming because the entire chat went away during these times, condolences but hang in there, I bet they’re working hard to fix it :slight_smile: Also not guaranteed that’s your exact issue, but Rate Limiting while setting up stream is almost certainly not it lol

Ookla is useless as ISP priotise traffic to it, and all it does is tell you the speed of traffic between you and the speed test server, not the Twitch server(s) or the internet at large.

The issues OP describe is nothing to do with what you have written

also Comcast and other ISP’s have their own speedtest(which they used to use Ookla but have since moved away to their own, speedtest by Ookla just happens to be the standard used these days for speed tests for your ISP as mentioned.) However given that you mentioned to the OP that it may not be Twitch and may be their own ISP, testing with an external source would help determine is up/down speed problems at least exist elsewhere. But you’re right, a ping to the various chat servers might be useful. As a note my own chatbots have been exiting with an ECONNRESET in recent weeks due to some issues as well, which again suggests potential relation(only a hint of course)

If chat servers are disconnecting, chat services would disconnect, so this is potentially related. If you have other background information behind the scenes as to what else might be causing a disconnect from chat programs during the time periods that TwitchSupport is literally saying they’re having trouble with chat services, that data would probably be helpful here.

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