Chat Rooms Capability ACK not documented

Found some missing documentation in the Twitch IRC Capabilities section. You’ll notice that Membership, Tags, and Commands capabilities all show the ACK message sent from the server will be in the example. For Chat Rooms it shows nothing. Initially I thought this meant it doesn’t have an ACK; however, while building my client, it seems that is does.

When you request the Chat Rooms capability, the ACK you receive is: CAP * ACK

Not sure if this was intentionally not documented or if its a doc bug, so thought I’d post here to be sure. In my client I’m handling the ACK, but if for some reason we shouldn’t be, that would be good to know as well.

Chat Rooms were deprecated and removed, they’re not a thing any more. When the docs get updated they’ll remove all mention of Chat Room specific functionality.

Oh yeah, forgot about that :slight_smile: Makes complete sense, thanks for the reply!

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