Chat unban via API

so, with
one can get chat bans - but how to remove them via api? didn’t found anything in api reference

The only way to unban (and ban people) is via the chat commands .unban and .ban

So you’ll need to instruct a bot connected to chat to do it.

k - not what I expect from an API … but k
same question for whisper blocks - IIRC there was some site where you could unblock users - tried it with kraken api - but only get 410 replies

410 will have a body message that tells what what the problem is

The usual issue with a 410 is that you called the v3 version of the API instead of the v5 version.

You omitted the v5 header

such wow - that’s not how to abuse the ‘Accept’ header - also: when deprecating an old version why reply to it with “yea, use the new one” instead of just reply with new responses … that’s just design gone from bad to even worse …
I should really figure out how to increase my quota limit at google to use YTs api … just another tick on my long list why twitch really suxx …

Differences in the v3/v5 data outputs so developers need to be aware of that when updating old code.

So a forced upgrade from v3 to v5 calls wasn’t forced

v3 tended to call and return using usernames
v5 is call and return by user ID

v3 code calling the API would then fail as the call wouldn’t work as the data returned (if any) doesn’t match the expected output. So safer to HTTP error rather than return the v5 response to a v3 call

Use helix where possible, that doesn’t “abuse” the accept header.

Not sure how Google’s API limits relate to Twitch suxx-ing

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