Chat Viewers to Embed player Viewer counts not equal

ISSUE: so I have an embed chat and the embed chatters on a website. It was brought to my attention that someone that uses the page brought to my attention he had and only 170 viewers in his player with 270 chatters. I have lurkers for testing the site and it says i have 28 chatters and 12 viewers. When the original test was 1:1.
Why are the counts drastically off when both the player and the chat are embedded on the same page?
Also anyone knows how long the websockets stays active on the html5 Player? and If it does a disconnect event listener?

I placed this here because it is both the Chat and the Player, so i didnt know which to post in :frowning:

People can hide the chat or pause the player. People can join the chat in other ways. People can go directly to the stream pop out not having chat at all. It’s rare for viewer and chatter counts to match 1:1.

i understand it not being a 1:1 ratio anymore but a 50% decrease is like i said drastically different

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