Chat Warnings are now available via the API and EventSub in an open beta

Earlier this month, Twitch launched Chat Warnings to send anonymous warnings to chatters who are violating the channel’s community standards. These messages must be acknowledged before a chatter can continue to send messages. Recognizing the value for third-party moderation tools, the team also wanted to provide this functionality via our third-party interfaces as soon as possible. We also appreciate the UserVoice suggestion that validated this conclusion! Therefore, we are excited to launch the open beta for Chat Warnings!

New Twitch API Endpoint

  • Warn Chat User - Warns a user in the specified broadcaster’s chat room, preventing them from interaction with the chat until the warning is acknowledged.

New EventSub Subscription Types

Updated EventSub Subscription Types

Based on feedback, please note that we are documenting both versions of this subscription type. v1 will continue to be available and the functionality of v2 is currently available when setting the requested version to “beta.” We will update this announcement and communicate to beta users when v2 is generally available in order to update the requested version.

  • channel.moderate v2 - A moderator performs a moderation action in a channel, including chat warnings. See note above that the version must be set to “beta” at this time.

How do I get started?

The new endpoint and subscriptions types are publicly available in an open beta. Visit the documentation links above to start implementing this functionality today. If you use this functionality during the open beta, we welcome your feedback in the API section of UserVoice. Once all UserVoice feedback is considered during the open beta, this functionality will become “generally available,” meaning no further updates or changes can be expected unless formally announced here on the forums.