Chat Wispers And Mirc?

Anyone Know How To Get Mirc to Work With /w’s?


You are able to get /w working with mIRC through connecting to one of the ‘group chat servers’ (google how to do this).

Once you’ve gotten into the group chat server, you can execute ‘/CAP REQ’ and then use .w name message to send whispers. Whispers will be received into the status window of the group chat server.

thank you

Hi, I tried to do what you tell, and this appear @msg-id=unrecognized_cmd NOTICE #jtv :Unrecognized command: /w

What I can do?

You need to be connected to a group chat server to send that command.

"servers": [

(port 6667 should also work)

How can i do this? On mIRC. Do u have skype or something like that, and can u help me pls :smiley:

You would connect to it just like you currently do for the main Twitch servers. Replace “” (if that’s what you are using) with “”.

Whispers are intentionally made difficult to be used over IRC since they will be moving off that platform at some point in the future.

For casual chatting I’d recommend looking at the beta versions of Chatty which will work with whispers.

Thanks you, it works.

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