Chatbot Cannot Set /color to hexcode, only named colors

I cannot find any documentation pertaining to this scenario.

Between these two lines, only sending /color with a named color works when sent via the tmi.js library.

client.say(CHANNEL_NAME, `/color Chocolate`); // This works.

client.say(CHANNEL_NAME, `/color #8697CB`); // This does not work.

As a regular user I can set my chat color to either of these.

Am I missing to an escape sequence in the message that the web interface sanitizes?

I believe hex color codes are limited to accounts that have Twitch Prime or Twitch Turbo.

And to set it as a bot I’m not sure what the correct formatting but it should just be as you already have it. The help says

You can try sending this raw/bypassing TMI.js in case TMI.js is interferring/internally validating and blocking hexcode colors and validating the colors against the known list

For anyone who comes across this. The fix was a command in the TMI.js docs.


you never said you were using TMI.js and thus your issue was the use of TMI.js not a general Twitch Chat issue


“and thus?”

Did you even read the original thread?

The second line is literally me mentioning the usage of the tmi.js library…

This thread did go rather sideways on that, since I acknowledged the use of tmi.js in the first reply, the 22 day gap threw me off

Being a TMI.js issue rather than a Chat issue, means it’s better suited on their support systems not here. The forum can’t easily support various libraries.

Ah yes, I see what you mean. I didnt even know they had one!

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