Check if a twitch account have steam account linked

Hi, i’m trying to check if accounts are linked without succes:
{“error”:“Not Found”,“status”:404,“message”:“No user found for steam_id 76561198131000867”}

But if i check my own twitch account:
{“display_name”:“XuSe__”,“game”:“Rocket League”,“status”:“Road to Gold”,“fight_ad_block”:null,“id":129693609,“name”:"xuse_”,“partner”:false,“twitch_liverail_id”:null,“liverail_id”:null,“comscore_id”:null,“comscore_c6”:null,“video_banner”:null,“steam_id”:“76561198131000867”,“ppv”:false,“broadcaster_software”:“unknown_rtmp”,“prerolls”:true,“postrolls”:true,“product_path”:""}

Anyone knows what i’m doing wrong? :confused:

That endpoint is not designed for use by 3rd parties so you are likely not going to get much support on it’s use. You could try disconnecting and reconnecting Steam in you settings since it appears to be specific to your account.

Hi! Thanks for your reply!

I can not understand why I will not get much support …
First of all, clarify that I started today with the Twitch API, so it is quite possible that I lack basic knowledge. Having said that…

I understand that my account has my Steam id associated with it:
“Steam_id”: “76561198131000867”

And with my query, I’m looking for any twitch account that has that steam_id. I do not understand why it can not find any results…

My final objective is to get the twitch’s user account using steam_id

In general, the only supported APIs start with Other URLs are meant for internal use only.

Ahh… Now I understand. I did not know that detail… Many thanks for the clarification, DallasNChains!

I’m afraid there is no way to get the information I’m looking for through the supported API, right? :cry:

That’s correct, @XuSe.

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