Check if streamer is live

Hey guys, I’m using a v5 version (migrated from v3) of API and I’m still curious how to check if streamer is live or not.

Previously I could do it with /kraken/streams?streamername, but at this moment I see in v5 documentation it’s only possible when I exactly know user id or be authorized via OAuth.

Is there any option to do that?

You can use helix Get Streams endpoint. If the user is on the returned data, they are live.

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Oh, thank you so much, I was focused on V5 API that’s why I forgot about helix endpoints.

Please also take a look at

and this duplicate (sorta) thread/solution here

You need to take the usernames and convert them to ID"s before looking them up on the API.

UserID’s never change, but usernames might.

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