Check if streamer is online and not hosting

Is there anyway to check with the current API whether a streamer is not hosting someone when they are online?

If the user shows up in /streams, this should mean they’re live and not hosting. If they’re hosting, they won’t show up on in /streams. Is that not the behavior you’re seeing?

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Yes, they still appear for me in /streams even if they are hosting. I’ve encountered this a few times.

@DevUser I’m not seeing that currently. Are you sure this isn’t a caching issue? All endpoints are cached between 1 - 5 minutes.

For example, KingGothalion is currently hosting husky_raid, and the API returns null.

Afaik hosting has priority, so you can be live while hosting someone else, and it’ll show the stream you’re hosting on your page and not your own stream.

Not sure if that ever changed? I heard something about auto-hosting being cancelled when you go live, but I’m not sure if that applies to manual hosting(?)

I’ll have to check into that. I was asking questions about this before I went on vacation, and the understanding I had was that hosting shouldn’t show up in /streams at all. I’ll double check. :slight_smile:

The system will auto-unhost if it detects the channel live, so it’s no longer a worry.

That only happens when you go live, not if you’re already live.

I think /streams should still say that you’re live when you’re live and at the same time hosting someone though, cause you’re actually live, only your Twitch page decides in its own way to overwrite it with the host.

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