Check if user has editor access to a channel

Is there a way, given oauth on a random user, to tell if said user has editor access to a specific channel?
The best way I can think of right now is requesting the channel_editor scope and then doing an “empty” PUT /channels/:channel/ and see if it gives an error or not (does that even work? haven’t actually tried it).

Of course, if I had the actual channel owner, it’s trivial, and I could also get the editor list using GET /channels/:channel/editors, but I’m assuming I don’t have access to that list. Furthermore, requesting channel_editor seems a bit overkill, since I don’t want to use the editor powers, just make sure they have it (for authentification purposes).

Preferably, it’d be under the user_read scope.

I posted a similar issue about 1 1/2 years ago, Still would like to see this being in the API.

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