Checking if stream is active reliability

Using I’m able to check if a streamer is active.
I’m polling this to check the status of a stream. If the streamer disconnects, the video seems to freeze for about 20 secs before the api returns back that that stream is no longer active.
I’ve also noticed that the api jumped between stream is null and active for about 10 secs before it stabilizes to the correct response.
Does anyone know what the issue is or a have a better solution in checking if the streamer is active?

Nope thats it, that said you should only be polling API end points once per minute any quicker it’s not worth it, as Twitch caches data it’s side, so what you are seeing is the different cached responses between servers behind the Twitch API load balancer.

In the case of a partnered streamer you could use the x people resubbed whilst you were away as a start stream marker.

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