Cheer emote loading issues

As of yesterday the Cheer Emotes CDN has been acting very strangely. After retrieving the Cheer Emotes for a channel and attempting to display them inside of Cef 57.0 it just refuses to load the resources.

For example: will not load in OBS, Streamlabs OBS or Streamlabs Chatbot.

Have changes been made to the cdn so it only accepts browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, Safari etc?

Edit: Seems to have been because Cef / Chromium itself. Apparently certain certificates are no longer valid or secure according to Chrome. So being on an older version can prevent things from loading entirely:

Seems like a bug in CEF/OBS. If I look at dev tools on a page that loads cheermotes, the requests come up “(cancelled)”.

Placing the cheermote URL directly into BrowserSource just outright crashed my OBS a few times, and shows no requests or domain at all in dev tools when it doesn’t crash.

The partial Symantec cert distrust isn’t due till Chrome 66 and full distrust till Chrome 70. That whole point also doesn’t matter here because the domain in question uses a certificate from DigiCert, not Symantec.

Cef 57 was being used in the Streamlabs Chatbot for the past 3 months and nothing changed in regards to it all. Which is why it’s strange that resources that loaded previously suddenly just stopped loading.

As for OBS they rarely upgrade their Cef version due to performance not always being the best when upgrading.

But yeah seems to be resolved by upgrading Cef to 63.

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