Cheer PubSub in a different channel

Ok, so I’m working on a bit game and I’m trying to figure out how to properly subscribe to a channels cheers event. I get a bad auth error anytime anyone that isn’t me tries to log into it.

In order to receive bits notifications from PubSub, you must have the OAuth token for the channel from which you wish to receive. Using any other token will not allow you to listen. Since you have only your token, PubSub allows you to listen for notifications only on your channel.

Actually I’ve figured it out, if you use the twitch login authentication you can use the access token that it give you as the auth

Yes, but only for the channel that authorized it. If you authorize the app on your account, the token it gives you is good only for your channel. If you want to listen to another channel’s bits, they have to authorize it so your app can receive their token.

Yea, that’s what I meant in the original question, should’ve clarified a bit

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