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How do we get the Cheermote image URLs? the Docs currently just say how to do it for the various colours. Also, do these new ‘Cheermotes’ have both a static and animated version, or are they animated only?

bits, if present, means the user used this amount of cheer/bits. All instances of /(^|\s)cheer\d+(\s|$)/ should be replaced with the appropriate emote:, where

  • THEME is light or dark
  • TYPE is animated or static
  • COLOR is red for >= 10000 bits, blue for >= 5000, green for >= 1000, purple for >= 100, or otherwise gray
  • SIZE is a digit between 1 and 4.

The list you posted should contain most of the information - you can modify the URL following the listed parameters.

ex. will give the largest size for the animated cheer for >=10000bits

Kraken v5 has, which includes everything you should need.

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My problem was that the the docs show the url template from the original cheer icons, such as red, green, blue etc… but not the ‘Cheermotes’ that have just been released in the new blog post

Awesome, thanks for that. Is there any documentation for V5 beyond what has been mentioned in the initial blod post about forum thread about it, because otherwise I’m not sure how I would have known about that link if I wasn’t told about it.

Also, when it comes to using the those cloudfront links shown in that API, do cloudfront links ever change? I.E, if I was to change ‘Kappa10000’ to would that always work or would the “d3aqoihi2n8ty8” part of the cloudfront url potentially change in the future and break my code? I’ve never done anything with cloudfront so just wanted to make sure if I could rely on those URLs not changing.

Ah, sorry…I think I need to ensure I have my morning coffee prior to posting anything :slight_smile:

As for V5 docs, I don’t think they’ve been released yet - we should be seeing them soon.

There’s no documentation for v5 yet beyond the bits and pieces on this site. @Decicus pointed out that particular endpoint to me.

FYI, that bits/actions endpoint is supported for third parties. It just doesn’t have docs yet. We’re on holiday break around these parts, so it’ll be early next year before those docs are shipped. Just wanted to let you know that you can use that endpoint. :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to get a testing channel where developer accounts can spend cheers and cheermotes without buying them or spamming real partner channels?

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We’re aware of the pain point for integration and testing, but we don’t have anything right now, @jwheare. Wish I had better news!

Thanks for the response. Might you be able to share any partner channels that see a lot of cheermote activity so we can idle in the hopes of seeing one?

Failing that, an example of what a cheermote IRC message with tags looks like would be a good start. Would it be the same as a regular cheer but just with different text? e.g.

@bits=100 :twitch_username! PRIVMSG #channel :Kappa100

This is an example of a Kappa10 cheer emote (useless info removed), don’t have an example of the higher ones at hand right now,

@badges=subscriber/0,bits/1000;bits=10;color=#8A2BE2;display-name=DISPLAYNAME;emotes=;id=5a0e9a7f-ac56-4013-8abb-70895e99dec7;user-type= :USERNAME! PRIVMSG #CHANNELNAME :blahblahblah kappa10

Thanks @Larklen, got them working now.

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