Chromecast using lots of data

I recently changed to a metered cellular internet connection to increase my speeds since i live in a very rural area it is my only option for anything faster than 3mb dsl.

i have been watching critical role weekly and when i do i usually stream it from my pc to my chromecast. due to the new data usage restrictions i have been turning the video quality down on all my streaming services. however even though i turned the video quality of the 4 hour show i streamed on my pc to 480p from the 1080 that was its default. according to my data usage tracker however my chromecast used 20gb of data during that time period.

is there something i am missing that i need to do to turn down the quality of the video when i cast a video from the twitch website rather than just watching it on my pc.

i have not yet tried to cast something from the twitch app on my smartphone since i have had data restrictions. if that would be easier i could do that as well.

thanks for any input.

No idea.

This is the third party developer forums.

We are nothing to do with streaming stuff to chrome cast.