Claimed Channel Points alert/auto message

Hello, I searched for this but didn’t find much.
I was wondering if there is some API related to Channel Points, so I can write an auto-message whenever someone claims the reward, and stuff like that. (Just like when someone follows or subs)

Initially I looked up on Streamlabs Cloudbot, but there are no alerts/auto messages triggering for Channel Points, so I ask here if there is a way to catch the events and send a message or something to the user.


You can

EventSub is the “best” solution here.

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Yep that’s definitely what I was looking for.

However I’m using

But I didn’t find the proper triggering event. I don’t know if I missed it in the code somewhere, or if the Lib just needs an update for Channel Points? Like I saw so many events that I don’t even use but no trace of Channel Points so far.

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