Clerification about message/command rate limit


I know there are many topics like that but I can’t figure out something. I saw the post Twitch Chat (from a Twitch Dev). I can’t understand the reason behind that If my bot joining let’s say 50 channels (10 of them are crowded). My bot is moderator on all these channels. So I can only send 100 messages in 30 sec for all these 50 channels? That makes 2 messages in 30 seconds. Isn’t it so low? (I know it’s hard to achieve that much channels but for example, moobot have that much I guess. And I saw these bots not whitelisted or anything like that so how these bots handle that limit?


The limit is per TCP connection so your assumption is correct. If you need to send more than that I would recommend contacting support with a detailed explanation of your use case (sample messages, usage numbers, etc.) and request to be white-listed which provides a higher rate limit.

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