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I want to create a Basic Chrome extension to see if a Streamer is live or not. I already dev the API CALL and if the returned value is null then Stream Offline otherwise the Stream is Online. The API CALL is sent with my Client-ID and from what I read I can “publish” my extension with my Client-ID. My question if about the Call Limit, as far as I know we have something like 30 calls per minute. If we I program a call every Minute and I share my Extension over the internet. Let imagine we have 60 ppl downloading my extension and using it at the same time. There will be 60 API Calls every minute with the same Client-ID so my extension won’t work properly for everyone ? I’m a correct ? If yes, how do we do to correct this problem ? (I guess you can create an API who check every minute and the extension ask the API).



Client ID rate limits are per Client ID/IP pair. So simply have each client poll the API once a minute and you’ll be fine unless you have a large number of users all with the same IP (eg, a school/uni campus, office etc…) but that’s unlikely.

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