Client ID python application

Hey there.

i’m new to the twitch API and would like to start working on a desktop python application dealing with twitch. I read the general documentation at and saw that it is recomended to submit a client ID in the header when making a request to the API. My question is therefore, how do i obtain a client ID for my application. I do not intend to host this application on a website and do not require OAUTH funcionality.

Follow the section titled “Developer Setup” under

Ok, under this section i’m required to specify a redirect URI. I don’t know what to enter here since i have no intention in having users authorize their twitch account for usage with my application.

You can enter “localhost” or the website of the project. If you’re not using it then all you have to do is ensure it’s not a website out of your control.

Ok, thank you for the quick response :smile:

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