Client ID to API

I’m doing chrome plugin for streamer right now.
It will notify viewers when the stream is online, but I need Client ID to API.

Does someone know how can I get it?
in the account settings I found only mine ID.

You need to register an application in your developer dashboard and this will let you get a Client ID for that app which you can use for API requests.

It will let me get someone ID? Or it will be mine still?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

If you want your Chrome plugin to use the Twitch API it needs a Client ID, to get a Client ID you make an app on that page I linked and you’ll get a Client ID to use in API requests.

My point is that if I create Chrome plugin and I want him to show the streamer status live, do not I have to have streamer Client Id?

No you don’t need a Client ID created by the streamer as it’s not their application. To see if a streamer is live you use the Get Streams endpoint with either the user_id param (which is their Twitch ID, a completely separate thing from Client IDs) or user_login param (their username).

The Client ID is what you’ll include in the request as the Client-ID header which will allow you access to the Twitch API.

Ooo… Good. Thank you so much.

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