Clips Discovery API feature request - Daily Clips

Clip Discovery API provides a couple of different query strings for getting top clips, but after using them i found that i was in need of another one or two possibly, so here’s what i would love to see in added to the Clip Discovery API:

  • A new optional Query String for getting top clips which would return clips from the specified day, and could look something like, in this example it should return only clips that were created the day which was 3 days ago.

  • A way to get clips not based on their view count or if they’re trending but based on their creation date, so kind of like a “Recent” clip search.

  • A way to filter clips by channel and game at the same time, for currently it seems like only one at a time is possible

If this is already possible, i’d love it if you’d let me know how, but if it’s not i would greatly appreciate seeing this implemented in the future.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Alek! I’ve passed it along to the Clips team.

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Where could i get news about whether or not this gets implemented?

In general, we’ll post here on the forums, tweet about it (@TwitchDev), and post the documentation on the website. :slight_smile:

Another feature request if it’s not too late to ask here instead of in a new post:

  • Another optional query string which would filter based on clip stream title, a.k.a the title of the stream the clip was taken from.

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