Clips Discovery API - Get most recent clip by channel

I know with the clips API there is the ability to get the top clips within a date range. I’m wondering if there is the ability to get the most recent clips IE you’re currently streaming and a user clips the stream. I want to grab that recent clip assuming there have been others throughout the course of the stream. I’m currently using, but I haven’t found a useable parameter to achieve this. I know I probably could work it so that I use period=day and then just do logic to sort the response by timestamp, but I want to try and avoid unnecessary backend code to do this logic when there could potentially be sort parameters to achieve this via the API.

I’m thinking there must be an alternative if not then I’ll have to go recommend it on the user voice page. I’m trying to avoid having to do as much logic as possible to keep my backend code cleaner. So I thought I would post in here and see if there is an alternative.

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