Clips Discovery API - Replay Chat

Is there any legit way to fetch chat replay together with clips using the Clips Discovery API?

There is no documented, legit, way from the Twitch docs.

I beleive you know the Endpoint that is used by which is, of course, not recommended to use:{timestamp}&video_id={videoId}

HerrAusragend, is it still working? I’m getting invalid video id error every time.

Example clip: Twitch
Example chat rechat url:

Pretty sure you could call GetClip on the slug CleanPuzzledSandstormDxAbomb and get enough information to build the rechat url. Not 100% sure though, haven’t tried it.

Keep in mind, rechat urls are not documented and supported by Twitch. They can change at anytime without notification.

Edit 2:
Alright, just managed to write code to do this. Basically the flow is below:

  1. Call GetClip using the following endpoint. Insert the slug of the clip you’re interested in at the end of the endpoint:
  2. Using the returned json object, access the VOD object, and store the VOD Id and VOD url.
    VOD Id will look like this: 138559162
    VOD URL will look like this: Twitch
  3. The rechat url wants the video_id= in the format of v{vod_id}.
  4. To get the offset_seconds, simply convert the t argument in the VOD URL to seconds. So for the above example, it’d be: (36060) + (11 * 60) + 28. You’ll want to add 2 seconds as well, as the VOD URL deducts 2 seconds from the clip.
  5. Once you have the VOD Id and the offset_seconds, simply build the rechat URL, and make a call to it to get the chat for that clip:

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