"clips:edit" scope for "Create Clip" clarification

Hi all, apologies for the simple question. I tried to search it but I couldn’t quite figure this out.

Does needing the clips:edit scope essentially mean that I need permission from a channel for an app to use the Create Clip endpoint on that channel?

That is, if I want my app to generate clips on channel X, Y, and Z, then X, Y, and Z each would need to authorize it?

Just trying to wrap my head around the scopes/authentication. Thanks!

To create a clip you need permission for the person you want to “own” the clip. As you create a clip on the users behalf.

To generate clips for channel X, Y, Z, you need an oAuth key from anyone with clips:edit on it.

As the person whose key it is will “own” the clip that is created on that channel.

Got it! Thank you so much, really appreciate it!

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