Clips in Extension


I wanted to know if it’s possible to use the new Twitch API (Create Clip) in Extension ?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t see why it should not be possible.

You can’t embed the clip in the extension though

Because in a previous topic, someone said about extensions :

You can’t use the standard OAuth that you’d use on a third party website but they do provide a way to allow user to share their identity.

And for the creation of the clip, we need an access token which is obtained thanks to the standard OAuth.
So, no problem about that ?

Oh yes, sorry, I forgot that you need authorization for creating clips

So it’s not recommanded ?

You could regenerate a oAuth key for yourself and then create a clip using that. But then the user creating the clip can’t edit the clip as they don’t own the clip.

But given clips are done natively on the player, not sure if Twitch would accept a extension that creates clips. Since the player creates clips.

Thats the long answer ^^

Short answer: no, you can’t do that

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