Clips missing from API

Has something happened to the “Top Clips” API endpoint? It seems to be missing some clips that are visible when I go to the channel through the normal front-end…

For example, this is what I currently see from the frontend (

At the same time, this is what I get from the API (

Note that two clips from the first screenshot are missing from the second (and they don’t appear anywhere in the API response, even if I follow the pagination all the way to the end).

I tried calling the helix API instead to see if I just needed to upgrade, but I’m getting the same issue there too (with the same clips missing):

Potentially of relevance: for both API calls I’m asking for the top 50 clips, but only 43 are actually being returned.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the Clips API just having a bad time right now? This has worked fine in the past…

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