Clips occasionally have wrong vod timestamp

Sometimes the timestamp query string for a clip is wrong. For example, CourageousHappyGazelleKevinTurtle . In the API (JSON at end of the post) the vod url for the clip is That url takes you to the last 5 seconds of the clip in the original vod.

The clip page shows a different url. The “Watch Full Video” button url is which is the correct timestamp.

###Watch Full Video button from clip’s page (correct)

###Clips API JSON Response (incorrect)
“id”: “CourageousHappyGazelleKevinTurtle”,
“tracking_id”: “60182553”,
“url”: “Twitch”,
“embed_url”: “Twitch Error”,
“embed_html”: “”,
“broadcaster”: {
“id”: “40980097”,
“name”: “faux”,
“display_name”: “Faux”,
“channel_url”: “Twitch”,
“logo”: “
“curator”: {
“id”: “85684543”,
“name”: “commack”,
“display_name”: “Commack”,
“channel_url”: “Twitch”,
“logo”: “
“vod”: {
“id”: “130198111”,
“url”: “Twitch
“game”: “RuneScape”,
“language”: “en”,
“title”: “Entrana is MINE | Faux Merch:”,
“views”: 148,
“duration”: 29.999333,
“created_at”: “2017-03-21T18:04:44Z”,
“thumbnails”: {
“medium”: “”,
“small”: “”,
“tiny”: “

I’m not seeing the same JSON response as you. I think this has to do with how Clips are created. When a Clip isn’t finished creating, we don’t know the true VOD offset, so we use the offset of when the user clipped. The value would be adjusted later, which could cause this to be inconsistent for some amount of time.

Is it because you don’t not know the true VOD offset until the stream is over? The clip in the example had 148 views at the time of the API call, so it certainly seems like the clip must be finished being created.

The example was one from a call to the Get Top Clips api. I see the same thing as you (the offset timestamp is correct) if I call the Get Clip api with the slug now.

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