Co-Stream with guest... who is responsible for content?

Hi. This is a legal question and I cant find any information for this topic and hope somebody here can help. There are some tools to invite people to streams. For example if I have a discussion or play a game and I use discord (to talk) or a tool like streamyard (to talk and show to people)… who is responsible? I mean what if the person does or say something stupid or something which is not allowed? What if the user is sitting, stands up and is naked, what if the user says something fascist, … Would twitch block me or is it enough to stop the stream with this guest and block this user? It is like the comments from the users and I would say the streamer is responsible for block those users, but it is live. I just want to be sure to use this tools (and build a similar tool), before starting this. It is a problem, which maybe never will happen. But if you stream everyday with another guest, there will be maybe one guest per year who says/does something which is not allowed and I want to avoid to loose my twitch account then.

If you read the Community Guidelines that explains what content is and isn’t allowed. The broadcaster is responsible for all the content they broadcast on their stream. It is your responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to prevent violation of the Community Guidelines, so even if it’s a 3rd party that’s on your stream that commits an offence it is still your responsibility put a stop to it.

If you’re unsure about legal matters, contact or consult your own legal expert, as we can’t offer legal advice on this forum.

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