Codecs and transcoding

Good evening , I am new the group and wish to check if twitch uses H.264, H.265, AV1 or VP9 codecs. If yes are there any transcoding performed to convert from one format to other formats? Any specific use case for each of the codes type?

Any suggestions?

As far as I’m aware the only information Twitch has released was back in 2017, with this Engineering blog post:

Live Video Transmuxing/Transcoding: FFmpeg vs TwitchTranscoder

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Other than those engineering blog posts, Twitch doesn’t disclose the majority of their internal workings.

As mentioned by @Dist, we don’t really publish that info.

However, if you visit any stream and click the gear in the player > advanced > video stats, a small div will open that contains stats about the video you are currently watching.

As for what we use internally… Feel free to apply for the Video org on if you are that curious. :wink:

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Thanks @Dist and @ciratea

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