Coming to TwitchCon?

Hi Twitch Game Devs! I’m from the Twitch/Amazon ops team, and I handle all things TwitchCon for exhibitors and sponsors.

We’re almost sold-out show floor for TwitchCon San Diego - but we’d LOVE to see more games join the party! So, I thought I’d drop a line here. Games come to TwitchCon to meet and build their streaming community fandoms, and our community of streamers and fans absolutely love having you all at the show as well. For all games, we offer 20% off floor space + we’re bringing back an Indie Zone (more power in numbers) this year.

Our show is a pretty unique experience, for example we cap our attendance to 30k uniques every year so everyone has plenty of time for handshakes and chats with this influential audience (including 14K+ Twitch streamers!). This is a part BD part bommunity event that can be the perfect sweet spot to make meaningful connections with positive impact.

You are already one of us…so if you’re interested in more info, please fill out our enquiry form. :slight_smile:HERE. Someone from our team will reach back out to you, usually within 1-2 business days.

Thanks for your time, and hope to see you at the show! ^-^
Amber “AthenaTwin” Dalton