Communication between app and extension

Hello there,
i’m making an extension for the game The Binding of Isaac, that allows the viewer to see in real time the items the streamer has in its run. It can also display some useful information that can help to understand the game. I’ve done a small app in Qt to get the id of the items obtained but I don’t know what is the best way to communicate this data to the extension, I’m kinda new to this. Do you have any tips ? Thanks !

You would send the data from the QT app to your EBS, and the EBS will send the data to the front end/viewer facing extension.

You can use whatever method you want for this.

For EBS to Extension people like to use Extension pubsub

Your QT app won’t be able to send directly to the extension as that would leak your extension secrets to the broadcaster installing the application

Thanks for the clarification ! I’m gonna look into pubsub :slight_smile: