Communities API Release

In case you missed it, we released a Communities API alongside the Communities feature.

Announcement blog:


How do I get the streams in a community?


Thanks Dallas

One question - it looks like there isn’t an API to search for communities. Did I miss that in the docs or is it not available?

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I was wondering about that as well. Is there an endpoint to let my users search for communities?

In addition I was also wondering what the preferred way of setting a channel to a specific community is. I saw the /kraken/channels/<id>/community/<communityid> one, but the dashboard seems to include the community name in the same PUT request that is used to update the channel title/game.

@trumpi27 There is no search right now. I’ll keep you posted when we have info to share. :slight_smile:

@tduva Setting a channel community is here:

Yeah, I’ve seen that one. My question was if it would be a possibility to include it in the same request used to update the other channel data, since I’m using that endpoint already anyway:

Equivalently it might be useful to have the community id in the channel request:

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Thanks for the clarification, @tduva! I’ve give all this feedback to the communities team. :slight_smile:

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Having the update in the #update-channel endpoint would actually make more sense tbh, same as fetching the community-id from the channel object itself. A search endpoint would be cool so we can set the community outside the dashboard.

Is there a way to get all users who joined a community, not just the ones that are live?

Something like:< community ID >/users

I would like to know how many members/users a community has and who they are. i.e. When it comes to timeout/ban certain users you need to wait for them to be live or know who they are at this point.

Is there a reason why there is no endpoint to delete a community, even as the community owner?

Because it’s not possible at all yet.

Isn’t it the point of a community that you stream ‘on’ that community when your content allows for it rather than ‘joining’ it like you do for a team? I swap community all the time depending on the content, so I don’t think there is a way to get a list of all users that have streamed once or more on the said community.

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well that entirely depends on what you want to achieve, isn’t it? I’m in a group of 4 streamers with a big community behind us. We created a community to give back some, people supporting us and who stream themselves can join up so the rest of the community can watch them as well (well it’s open to everyone of course, but our goal is to support those who support us). We tweet them out, getting them out there but that is a manual thing now. Since we are really busy (streaming, maintaining the squad community on discord and our own individual ones for example) we’d like to automate some stuff, keep track of them through a dash etc. Gathering some data on them to help them evolve as streamers as well.

Our community is a family, reaching out to anyone who ever needs an ear etc. We all have been through some ruff shit in our lives or are in the middle of it, that’s why we are close as a squad. Our family is the same and we try to take care of them in anyway we can. little backstory on what thrives our community…

On Topic: I don’t need the offline data to achieve what we want, but we are curious to see who is on there, we like to keep track of that. I mean i can set up a DB for that matter, i can gather that information anyway. I was just curious to see if this option was there, saves me some time :wink:

@WebbieXL No, there isn’t a way to get a list of people that joined a community. Communities are generally temporal in nature, and we tend to not provide historical data in our API.

Okay that’s fine, thanks for your answer!

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