Communities documentation error and report internal server error

  1. In the get-community-banned-users endpoint, the time stamp for when the ban occurred is a formatted as a unix timestamp:
   "_cursor": "",
   "banned_users": [
         "user_id": "129454141",
         "display_name": "dallasnchains",
         "name": "dallasnchains",
         "bio": null,
         "avatar_image_url": null,
         "start_timestamp": 1486508223551 //this guy, right here

However, the response json blob formats the time in UTC and the variable name has changed as well:

Similarly, the end_timestamp object is now in UTC and has undergone a name change:

  1. Also, when I try to test reporting a channel for violating a community’s rules, I jeep getting an internal server error. This happens with any user, and with any dummy community I try it on.

Thank you! That’s what happens when you’re working on docs during dev. :slight_smile:

Is the internal server error still happening?

Sorry it took me a while to respond. I eventually figured out why I was getting an internal server error, it was because I was trying to report my bot account which was not part of my test community. When I added my bot account to the community, I was able to successfully report the account. Although, why is attempting to report an account that is not part of a community result in an internal server error rather than returning another status with an error message?

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