Community Extension Sample Program

Hi all,

If you didn’t catch it on the Developer Update stream yesterday, I want to share our announcement regarding the Community Extension Sample Program (name is a placeholder for now).

We’re constantly impressed by folks in the community who are supporting each other with samples, libraries and tools to help build awesome experiences on Twitch. Our goal is to help get this work in front of even more developers, so more of the community can benefit.

Later this year we will be adding an experience to the Developer Rig called the Sample Browser. When starting up the Rig, developers will be able to select from a list of their already created extensions (no more tracking down configuration!), along with approved examples/samples created by Twitch and the community to get started faster. We’re still working on the specifics of the experience and will have more to show in the future.

In the meantime, we are reaching out to the community to see who is interested in participating. Shoot us a mail at and we’ll be following up in the coming weeks (when folks get back from Europe :slight_smile: ).