"Complete the req'd contractual registration for VHS first"

Whenever I click “Settings” in my dashboard, I get this err:

However, there’s no link to the required contractual registration for VHS. I checked my email and could only find the acceptance email to my dashboard.

How do I access my settings? How do I complete the “registration for VHS”?

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VHS refers to Viewer Heartbeat Service, the API service, which is used for Drops.
I invite you to read some of the documentation and tell me if it helped you to fix it or not:

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Hey, @imperium42gamestudio!

There should be a button that says, “Sign for Drops” in the Drops section. That should take care of this prompt. Let me know if that’s not the case!

Side note: I’ve asked the team to make the language match (VHS on notification vs. Drops on the button) and add an action to the prompt. Thanks for the feedback!


Hi guys, I’m having the same issue. “Please complete the required contractual registration for VHS first. Dismiss”. I followed the instructions above to follow the ‘sign up’ button but that just asked me to register as a developer again. I did it anyway to see if it worked (yesterday) and after receiving confirmation today it’s exactly the same.

Is there something obvious I’m missing?


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