Completing 2fa without a phone

I’ve been trying to get into streaming my game dev processes as a kind of community service, so that other people can watch and learn new techniques and how one would generally work with different techniques and tools. Getting that live feedback helps a ton. And was looking forward to building a decent community to help teach and learn.

However the recent 2fa requirement has put a roadblock in this plan/activity. The issue is as the title suggests, I don’t have a phone. And I absolutely can’t afford one since am scraping by to the very dollar anymore. Let alone actual phone service that’s not voip. I heard a suggestion and would like clarification.

Is it possible to use android studio or some other software to emulate an android enough to get the required 2fa over with without needing a legit phone number? To be honest even if I had one i’d not feel comfortable giving it to anyone, let alone installing an app on a actual phone just for third party services such as this, that deals with personal info. It’s just all around a bad idea/habit to feed. If there’s no way to accomplish this without a physical smartphone with phone service (that costs out the a** ) then this won’t just be a roadblock but a dead end. I’ll have to look for some other paltform to stream to mainly. Or worst case advertise my own and build a community the old fashioned way.

Thank you for reading.

  1. This is the third party developers forum, we cannot help you with first party issues
  1. I believe you can setup authy as a chrome extension without a phone number.
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