Configuration service not working in developer rig?

EDIT Seems I missed a dev-rig update. After doing a pull from GitHub everything works as expected.

I’m trying to write and read to/from the configuration service in my extension.
The extension is in local test mode on the twitch dev dashboard.

I’m not using react but plain javascript and JQuery with the twitch helper script form “

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I set a segment on the config page, I can’t read the content on the viewer page because the twitch.configuration.broadcaster property returns “undefined”.

Quick sample of what I’m doing.
Here is the snippet of my viewer.js

let twitch = window.Twitch.ext;

twitch.onAuthorized(function(auth) {

//from the github sample it should be twitch.configuration.broadcaster.content
//but the access below undefined already
console.log('This is the config: ' + twitch.configuration.broadcaster);


Here is the snippet of my config.js

let twitch = window.Twitch.ext

twitch.onAuthorized(function (auth) {
  twitch.configuration.set('broadcaster', '1.0', JSON.stringify({hello : "world"}))

So for my understanding, I should see at least something different than “undefined” in my dev console when I’m loading the viewer.html after loading the config.html at least once. Am I getting it wrong or am I making an obvious mistake?

I have exactly the same problem.
About Configuration Service I am testing with exactly the same coding as the submitter.
Submitter says that the contributor solved by updating Developer Rig,
but I am Undefined even if I make Rig the latest one as of November 15th.

My Extension is running Rig and Host test, but Configuration Service only does not work well.

My Developer dashboard [Extension Capabilities]
[Select how you will configure your extension] is checking [Extensions Configuration Service].

I would like you to tell me if there is anything else I have missed.

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I think that I have the same issue. Are you using the Native Dev Rig? When using the configuration Service tab, it works but when using the Extension Views Broadcaster Configuration, no updates…